Of course you have questions!

You want the best for your loved one, and so do we.  Take a look below to see if your question has been asked and answered before.

1. What time is group?

OTB groups start at 9:30 and end at 3:30, please try to arrange arrival and pickup as close to those times as possible.

2. How do I get to OTB?

Some of our participants are brought to OTB by their parents or staff, while others use a transportation service. OTB does not currently provide transportation to our facility.  OTB can order Open Door passes for you once the service is added to your wavier.

3. What do I need to bring to OTB?

The most important thing to bring to OTB each day is your lunch. Most of our participants bring their lunches in an insulated lunchbox with a small ice pack to keep it cold if needed. All group rooms have microwaves if anything in your lunch needs to be warmed up. Sometimes groups will have cooking class, cookout, or another special food event. Those should be noted on the monthly calendar. Some participants bring a spare change of clothes to OTB as well and other hygiene items.

4. What about money?

Your group calendar will let you know how much money outings or special activities cost. You can bring your activity money in and have staff handle paying for things as a group.  If you do this, we ask that you please bring in the total for each month at the start of the month. Your Group Facilitator will provide you with a receipt when you bring in money. At the end of the month, leftover money is sent home with participants.  Once the money is returned to the participant, OTB is not responsible for it.

5. What is my group name? – or – Why is my group named?

Our groups pick their own name when they first start, so if you are joining a new group, you will be able to help choose a name! If you are joining an existing group, the group members that were in there when it started chose it. Asking your group members why they picked the name they did is a great way to get to know them a little better!

6. What sorts of activities do groups do?

Our groups help plan their outings for each month. Parks and museums are some of our favorite outings. We also volunteer with local organizations and sometimes go do fun things like shopping for cooking classes or cookouts with other groups. Group activities at OTB are as varied as our participants and staff! Some of the core things a lot of our activities focus on include: social skills, teamwork, finishing things you start, job readiness skills, creativity, and general education-related topics.

7. How do I know what the group is doing on a given day?

Participants help plan their group outings and activities for the upcoming month during the second half of the current month. Calendars will show you what outings are planning, and usually a weekly or monthly topic. The calendars are sent home with our participants, posted on the bulletin board in the OTB hallway, and emailed to parents and/or residential staff. If you don’t get a calendar, ask your Group Facilitator and they will make sure you get one! If you have any questions about your group activities or outings, please talk to your Group Facilitator.

8. What if I feel my group isn’t a good fit for me?

It often takes a little while for new participants, current participants, and staff to get accustomed to each other. Minor personality conflicts can be a teachable moment! Chances are, you won’t always like everyone everywhere you are in life, and you can learn to interact and work with people who are different from you in a variety of ways. If after an adjustment period, you still do not think your group is a good fit, please contact Bri Boorman. We do not always have available spots in groups, but we do strive for peer matching, and we will work with you to try to find a good fit.

9. What if I infringe on the rights of my group members?

OTB works with participants’ teams to address issues that may arise, such as physical aggression, verbal aggression, stealing, or inappropriate sexual conduct on a case-by-case basis. It is our goal for all participants and staff to feel safe at OTB, in order to foster a positive learning environment. If the team is involved, and the relevant issues continue or escalate, OTB reserves the right to discontinue service on a case-by-case basis.

10. When do I start?

You will hear from Andrew Reynolds or Bri Booram prior to starting at OTB. We would love for you to be able to start at OTB right away, but we need to get all of the relevant information and documents from your Case Manager, Behavior Consultant, or Residential Staff. If you are uncertain when you are supposed to start, please contact us to confirm.

11. Who do I talk to if I want to add more days or services at OTB?

Bri Booram, our Associate Director, maintains our waitlist and will be able to help you if you are interested in adding a different day or service. We hope that this will help make starting at OTB easier for you, if you have any questions, please email us:

Bri Booram, Associate Director –bborram@otbonline.org

Andrew Reynolds, Coordinator of System Operations – areynolds@otbonline.org

Or you can call us at 317-253-6658