About Us

Through years of experience, and a shared passion for supporting people with developmental disabilities, Outside the Box, Inc.(OTB) co-founders envisioned giving people MORE…more opportunities for learning, hope and purpose.

As adults, you and I choose how we spend our days and with whom we spend our time. For individuals with developmental disabilities, days are often spent at local day centers—on activities that may not be engaging or inspiring. Time is spent in large groups with other individuals, and even staff, who likely do not intimately “know” them.

At OTB, days are truly customized. OTB is the only provider in Indiana that matches participants in small groups sharing a bond of age, personality, interests and personal goals. Instead of pushing people toward generic programming options – we strive to meet the individual where they are, focusing on their capabilities, not their disabilities. We do this through three programmatic avenues:

Day Services are purposeful and spent with innovative leaders—establishing an incredible sense of belonging. Time is focused on skills acquisition and education in the areas of daily living, self-advocacy, community involvement and self-sustainability. Many people in this program are working toward skill development that will eventually lead to competitive community employment

Career exploration begins at the onset of each group’s development. Individuals learn work readiness skills including communication, attendance and punctuality, character, and dependability. Participants meet with career support professionals for individual guidance, benefit from job placement and receive employment supports tailored to their specific needs.

Studio Art Services allow participants to explore their creative side. Time is focused on fine art skills as well as self-expression. Art is a universal form of communication and gives individuals another way to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and desires.

We are proud that feedback from clients and families only confirms what we already knew-we are changing lives on a daily basis! Just as thrilling is that OTB is not only impacting the individuals we serve but we have been recognized as a catalyst for change within the industry!

OTB received the highest level of accreditation from CARF International (Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities). It was during this accreditation process that surveyors commented they had seen nothing like OTB—even on a National level!