Through years of experience, and a shared passion for supporting people with developmental disabilities, Outside the Box, Inc.(OTB) co-founders envisioned giving people MORE…more opportunities for learning, hope, and purpose. In 2008, OTB became a reality and no longer a dream. Outside the Box (OTB) co-founders quickly turned into two part-time employees, a graduate intern, and a four-person clientele in a borrowed conference room. Within the first two years, we expanded into our own space housing 15 staff and nearly 100 participants. Today OTB is now in a 14,000 square foot home on seven acres of green space supporting over 350 participants and 50 staff.

Outside the Box is more than just a name. It is a unique culture that empowers our participants and staff members to become the very best versions of themselves. By celebrating individual successes and building inner wealth, it is our hope that everyone experiences personal growth during their time at OTB and beyond. OTB provides three lines of services to let our participants explore different opportunities. Our Day Services Program is where our participants are peer matched in small groups and work through a structured curriculum and have weekly opportunities to practice skills in community settings of their choice. Employment Services is dedicated to working with participants on skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the workforce. Studio OTB, allows program participants to express themselves artistically and explore with their tactile and visual senses through a variety of media.